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About Us

Criss Cross Miniatures is a fusion of skills.

David carefully frames Maggie's sewing to create individual pictures.

His carvings add depth to screens and interest to his furniture.

David has been making miniatures on and off for 30 years.

His prize winning leather work can be seen at the 'World in Miniature'

exhibition near Carlisle.

He specialises in making exact replicas with exquisite attention to detail

at 1/12th scale.

Having worked in saddlery, David scaled down his leather working skills

to include upholstery for his miniature furniture.

For Criss Cross Miniatures, Maggie's full size cross-stitch has been shrunk onto tiny fabric to produce quality images that are designed to fit a range of different rooms.

From fun colourful designs for the nursery, to more intricate and grownup pieces, there should be a piece for somewhere in your house!

Contact Us

Maggie & David




Cumbria UK

More pieces are under development so please come back and see what we do next.

Please do contact us if you are thinking of commissioning a piece from our website.

Many items are made to order and will therefore take longer than the standard 48hrs to dispatch.

Each piece is made individually, so the exact dimensions might be very slightly different from what is on the website.

Please also remember that colours look different on each computer screen!

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